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About Stable Option



STABLE OPTION SDN BHD aims to provide a debt recovery and credit management package designed to suit your requirements. We strive to serve our clients in a professional and result-oriented manner.


Outstanding debtors can erode profits, restrict business growth and consume valuable working time. Assessing our specialist skills and resources allows you and your team to concentrate on our core business activities. Your time, staff skills are released so that they can be focused on current defaulters and days to day issues, whilst we ensure that the results of bad debtors are maximized.


STABLE OPTION SDN BHD consists of professionals experience in Debt Recovery and Credit Management. These existing individuals heading various portfolios bring forth the right blend of maturity and experience required for the company to excel in the filed of debt recovery. Needless to say that as with most association, there will be continuous development and refinement all designed to ensure that our association is successful in the recovery of bad debts.


Our pledge, STABLE OPTION SDN BHD, will action all instructions immediately and to the nth degree.

Executive Summary

STABLE OPTION SDN BHD, provides a full range of debt recovery and credit management package designed to suit your requirements. Our services cover recoveries of all debts irrespective of their amount, nature and location.


Our approach in debt collection is unique in that we operate within intensive debt collection strategy through skilled negotiations. We emphasizes on a professional and cost effective approach to ensure high returns for our clients. We consider ourselves an extension of your organization, providing personalized monitoring of the account until paid or closed for one reason or another. The assurance you have is that our company will provide you with efficient and results oriented service as we only charge commission on what we collect.


STABLE OPTION SDN BHD is based with the philosophy of creating and maintaining loyal clients. This objective can be achieved through providing our clients with a service that is both professional and result oriented.

Our clients’ range from both private and government sectors, namely;

Banks and Financial Institutions

Insurance Companies

Trading Companies

Currently we are doing collection for various corporations.

Hong Leong Bank Berhad
AM Bank (M) Berhad
MBF Cards
Aeon Credit

Code of Ethics

Stable Option Sdn Bhd takes great care in the hiring and training of all personal to ensure that professionalism is maintained on all levels. We seek to only hire collectors with extensive collection experience while our primary objective is to collect the monies, we are also concerned with maintaining the continues good will of our Clients. We have a strict code of ethics in force which we constantly monitor in order to protect your best interest as our client.


Our vision is to be the best in debt recovery solutions throughout Malaysia, and we pledge to provide quality service of international standards to our valued customers. Our target is to maximize profits by winning customer’s loyalty with excellence in service.


In order to achieve our vision, we have set an advanced business solutions, utilizing the best technology available and powerful team of professionals, who have been carefully vetted and trained through our regular in-house training on debt recovery and credit reporting procedures, to cater the true needs of our valued customers.


We are focused in the provision of quality service and performance through flexibility and versatility in accordance with each individual client’s requirements. Synonymous with the provision of quality service is the sensitivity and importance that is placed on the confidentiality of information exchanged, which we endeavor, utmost to uphold at all times.


In the recent global economic slowdown particularly the Natural disaster and increasing Oil prices, the impact on the business in the banking and financial institutions in Malaysia are very much affected especially in the credit card department where the number of cases in relation to loan defaulters are increasingly high hence resulting to an increase of NPL in the banking sectors and a heavier burden on the collection department.

For hardcore credit card debts, banks rely on the existing legal avenue such as bankruptcy and/or winding-up proceedings and etc. are very tedious, time consuming, costly and most of the time, the end result of such legal action in recovering the said debts are proven to be unsuccessful.

As such, our so-called “Mission For 3-1 debt Recovery, Debt Mediation & Collection and Repayment Plan” which is very cost-effective and productive is hereby introduce to your Bank as the best avenue:-

(a) to curb, to resolve and to reduce the above said problems in your Banks

(b) most importantly, it will help the Bank to reduce (if not fully eliminated) its high NPL rate and thereby may even assist the Bank to achieve greater profits

as a result of such reduction in the NPL rate.

Under our Mission statement, our main duties and responsibilities are to represent your esteem Bank in communicating, negotiating and resolving with the defaulting-debtors (in a professional and ethical manner) so as to come to an “acceptable repayment plan” which obviously subjected to an agreement by your good-selves to procrastinate any intended legal action against the said defaulting-debtors whilst monitoring the integrity of such repayment.

We are an experienced business debt recovery agency that offers services to small business and big companies in all of the Malaysia.