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Services Rendered


Constant monitoring of defaulting accounts via telephone on a systematic basis.

Corporate Collection

Constant monitoring of defaulting accounts via telephone on a systematic basis.

Professional correspondence

Furnish client with professional communiqué recommending best means of recovery.

Final Notice Stationery

Providing final notice stationery for more effective results oriented and prompt debt repayments.

Customized Collection System

Plan and implement flexible, feasible and costs effective debt recovery program customized to suit client’s specifications.

Risk Management

Propose and provide practical business solutions in assisting clients to minimize debts risks and maximize returns.

Debt Management consultancy

Reviewing your credit management system and highlighting credit related problems to improve and complement your existing credit management system.

Payment Arrangements

Proper monitoring and reporting system

Searches and Credit Reporting

Conducting effective searches from various Government agencies and others relevant sources and gaining immediate access for relevant information. Our credit report will ensure you know the entity you are dealing with.

Tracing Department

Rendering assistance in locating the missing debtors in Malaysia. Recovery from abroad is from accessible international networks.

Investigation Services

Providing field investigation services in establishing debtors’ whereabouts and value of asset to assists in legal process of recovery.

In house Legal Services

Provide legal advice and planning services, issuance of legal notice of demand, preparing and implementing litigation process to assists in collection.


Updated system and software to automate collection performance and streamline reporting techniques. Security and confidentiality of data is assured.

Summary Progress Report

Status reports indicating sequences of action and mode of recovery undertaken on weekly, monthly and ad hoc basis.



In event of any unforeseen liabilities, we provide insurance policies covering the following:-

Public Liability Insurance with an indemnity limit of RM 500,000.00

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance with a maximum limit of RM 100,000.00

All Risks Insurance with a maximum of limit of RM 35,000.00

Fire Insurance with a maximum of limit of RM 20,000.00

Money Insurance with a maximum limit of on the following:-

(a) Money In Transit                                                           RM 10,000.00

(b) Estimated Money In Transit                                        RM 250,000.00

(c) Locked Safe/Strongroom/Drawers/Cabinets       RM 10,000.00